Welcome to UEX Synthworld, Chronos III, February 26, 2951 CAX™ - Commodities Average Index Agricium (AGRI) 24.53 26.34 7.38% Agricultural Supplies (ACSU) 0.99 1.21 22.22% Aluminum (ALUM) 1.11 1.25 12.61% Astatine (ASTA) 7.73 9.00 16.43% Beryl (BERY) 4.14 4.25 2.66% Chlorine (CHLO) 1.30 1.71 31.54% Corundum (CORU) 2.32 2.54 9.48% Diamond (DIAM) 6.36 6.71 5.5% Distilled Spirits (DISP) 4.54 5.55 22.25% Fluorine (FLUO) 2.34 2.96 26.5% Gold (GOLD) 5.61 5.94 5.88% Hydrogen (HYDR) 0.90 1.12 24.44% Iodine (IODI) 0.36 0.45 25% Laranite (LARA) 27.83 28.35 1.87% Medical Supplies (MEDS) 17.42 18.92 8.61% Processed Food (PRFO) 1.21 1.51 24.79% Quartz (QUAR) 1.29 1.44 11.63% Revenant Tree Pollen (RTPO) 1.32 1.69 28.03% Scrap (SCRA) 1.46 1.72 17.81% Stims (STIM) 3.03 3.66 20.79% Titanium (TITA) 7.81 8.30 6.27% Tungsten (TUNG) 3.67 3.84 4.63% Estimated prices for Star Citizen v3.12.1 LIVE CAX™ Mining Rank 1. Quantanium (QUAN) 44.00 88.00 2. Bexalite (BEXA) 20.33 40.65 3. Taranite (TARA) 16.29 32.58 4. Borase (BORA) 16.29 32.58 5. Laranite (LARA) 15.51 31.01 6. Agricium (AGRI) 13.75 27.50 7. Hephaestanite (HEPH) 7.38 14.76 8. Titanium (TITA) 4.47 8.93 9. Diamond (DIAM) 3.68 7.36 10. Gold (GOLD) 3.20 6.40 11. Copper (COPP) 2.87 5.73 12. Beryl (BERY) 2.21 4.41 13. Tungsten (TUNG) 2.05 4.10 14. Corundum (CORU) 1.35 2.70 15. Quartz (QUAR) 0.78 1.56 16. Aluminum (ALUM) 0.67 1.33 Estimated prices for Star Citizen v3.12.1 LIVE
Latest news Aclandia is the newest partner of UEX (January 11 2951) The French space exploration company Aclandia and UEX signed today, in Paris, Earth, a new strategic partnership that aims the expansion of the two businesses in Stanton and other systems. In a press release, Aclandia's CEO said "as a French company specializing in the exploration and preservation of worlds, it is a real honor to formalize the alliance of our two companies in order to make the future better. It's a new page of interstellar cooperation opening up to us and the citizens of neighboring systems to make the Verse a better place to live with a strong economy". UEX Leadership said in a press release that "Aclandia and UEX partnership reflects the interest of both companies in expanding their operations to other systems to secure tools and expertise for miners and traders, helping to strengthen the emerging systems economies". UEX starts operations in Stanton System (January 03 2951) The United Express Corporation announced today the start its operations in Stanton System, specifically in the cities of New Babbage, microTech and Area 18, ArcCorp. The UEX Leadership announced in a statement that "Stanton is rapidly becoming the new economic powerhouse of the UEE and the UEX is ready to contribute to these markets". UEX opens the Stanton-Chronos III spacebridge (January 03 2951) During the celebrations of the UEE Navy at the Archangel Station, Synthworld, Chronos III, the United Express Corporation announced the launch of the new space bridge between Stanton and Chronos III systems. "The ambitious construction of Synthworld created an unprecedented demand for supplies, mostly offered by Stanton system planets. UEX is confident that this new space bridge is going to be a massive opportunity for traders in Stanton and it will help positionate the system as the new economic influence of the century", said UEX Leadership during the event. The term "space bridges" refers to special routes for intensive cargo shipping with scout.

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* All data is estimated and subject to changes by CIG. The possession and trafficking of restricted commodities are subject to local authorities regulations or/and by the UEE. UEX does not list illegal commodities.

Welcome to UEX

The United Express Corporation* is an interstellar space tourism, mining and commerce corporation, founded in 2947, headquartered in Synthworld, Chronos system and with offices in New Babbage and Area 18 (Stanton). Today, UEX is a benchmark in prices for Star Citizen players around the world.

Our prices

Commodity prices vary daily. To help bring the most accurate values, UEX has its team of Data Runners, highly trained professionals who travel the universe to provide the most accurate prices. In addition, UEX counts on the participation of the users of this website. The more people use our tool, the more accurate the prices become.

About commodity recommendations

UEX has exclusive technologies that help to find the best commodities to trade at the moment based on four criteria: investment value, availability of the item in the market, risks involved, such as piracy, server crash, etc. and finally the yield. Our algorithm is constantly being revised to reflect the changes taking place in the Star Citizen universe.

About UEX Data Runners

UEX Data Runners are members of our corporation that play a crucial role - explore the Star Citizen universe and deliver the latest data on commodity prices, availability, risks and more. UEX Data Runners have special data carriers like the Mercury Star Runner and the Drake Herald, ensuring that data is delivered as quickly and safely as possible to the UEX headquarters in Synthworld.


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