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UEX Terms of Use and Privacy Policy


1. Terms of Use:

1.1 Acceptance of Terms:
By accessing and using the UEX website, you agree to abide by these Terms of Service.

1.2 Informational Purpose:
The UEX website provides trade and mining data for Star Citizen players. All data and information provided are for informational purposes only and should not be considered as financial or professional advice.

1.3 Community-Driven Platform:
UEX is a community-driven platform, and its data are updated by users. Users are responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of the data they contribute.

1.4 Personal Use:
You may use the UEX website for personal, non-commercial purposes only. Illegal or unauthorized use of the website is strictly prohibited.

1.5 Links to Third-Party Websites:
The UEX website may contain links to third-party websites. UEX is not responsible for the content, privacy practices, or actions of any third-party websites.

1.6 Modification of Website:
UEX reserves the right to modify, suspend, or discontinue the website or any part of it at any time without notice.

1.7 User Transactions and Interactions:
UEX is not responsible for any transactions or interactions between users. Users are solely responsible for their actions and interactions on the platform.

1.8 Affiliation Disclaimer:
UEX is not affiliated with Cloud Imperium group of companies.

1.9 Data Verification:
UEX does not guarantee the availability, accuracy, or completeness of the data and information provided on the website. Users are advised to independently verify the data and information.

2. Privacy Policy:

2.1 Collection of Information:
UEX respects your privacy and collects certain information from users, including but not limited to IP addresses, browser type, and device information, for the purpose of improving the website and user experience.

2.2 Cookies:
UEX may use cookies to enhance the functionality and performance of the website. Users can manage cookie preferences through their browser settings.

2.3 User-Provided Data Visibility:
The data and information provided by users on the UEX website, including trade and mining data, may be visible to other users of the platform.

2.4 Voice Assistant:
By using the voice assistant, you agree to provide an OpenAI API key and allow temporary access to your voice recordings for transcription. While UEX strives to securely encrypt stored data, users enter their API keys at their own risk. Please note that UEX is not responsible for your API key's security. Rest assured, API keys are not shared with UEX staff, except the developer.

2.5 Email Communication:
UEX may use your email address to send you updates, newsletters, or promotional materials related to the website. You can opt-out of these communications at any time.

2.6 Google Analytics
We use Google Analytics to analyze traffic on our website. By using our website, you consent to the processing of data about you by Google in the manner described in Google's Privacy Policy and for the purposes set out above. You can opt out of Google Analytics if you disable or refuse the cookie, disable JavaScript, or use the opt-out service provided by Google.

2.7 Consent to Data Collection:
By using the UEX website, you consent to the collection and use of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy.

3. User Registration Agreement:

3.1 UEX Entity Disclaimer:
The "United Express Corporation" ("UEX") is a fictional entity within the Star Citizen universe and is not affiliated with any existing real-world company.

3.2 Purpose of the Website:
UEX is independent and not associated with Cloud Imperium Games. The UEX website is created for personal entertainment and usage only.

3.3 Privacy and Data Collection:
UEX uses cookies and collects certain information for website safety monitoring and database improvement purposes. User email addresses may be collected for communication purposes.

3.4 User Responsibilities:
Users are responsible for adhering to guidelines, refraining from unauthorized use of content, and being legally responsible for all data published on the UEX website.

3.5 Rights and Termination:
Users have the right to download and delete their data. UEX reserves the right to monitor and remove content, delete accounts, and make changes to these terms at any time.

3.6 UEX Data Disclaimer:
UEX data is estimated and comes with no warranty. All UEX data and website tools are subject to changes by Cloud Imperium Games and/or internal criteria.

4. UEX Marketplace Terms:

By using the UEX Marketplace, I agree to the following terms:

4.1. In-Game Transactions:
I agree that I will only sell in-game items or services through the UEX Marketplace. I will conduct all transactions using in-game currency (UEC) and will not involve real-world money.

4.2. Truthful Representation:
I agree that I will provide truthful and accurate information about the items or services I am selling. I will not misrepresent the quality, quantity, or any other relevant details of the items or services.

4.3. Image Guidelines:
I agree that any images I upload for my listings on the UEX Marketplace will adhere to the following guidelines:

4.3.1 Relevance: I will only upload images that are directly related to the items or services I am selling.

4.3.2 Content: I will not upload any images that contain explicit, offensive, or inappropriate content, including but not limited to nudity, violence, or hate speech.

4.3.3 Rights and Permissions: I will ensure that I have the necessary rights and permissions to upload and use the images I provide. I will not infringe upon any copyrights, trademarks, or intellectual property rights of others.

4.3.4 UEX's Discretion: I understand that UEX reserves the right to remove or reject any images or listings that violate these guidelines or are deemed inappropriate or harmful.

4.4. In-Game Conduct and Content:
I agree that my listings on the UEX Marketplace will not offend, provoke, or attack any person or organization. Additionally, my listings will not promote griefing, crimes, or anything considered by the UEE as illegal.

4.5. Advertiser Accountability:
I agree that I am accountable for honoring the content of my advertisements. Complaints from other users regarding my conduct or advertised content could lead to the suspension of my ability to submit new advertisements.

4.6. Client Interaction:
I agree that as an advertiser, I am required to treat others with respect, refraining from offending or cheating them. Unethical behavior towards clients may result in appropriate actions, including but not limited to the suspension of my account or privileges on the UEX Marketplace.

4.7. Responsibilities of UEX and Cloud Imperium Games:
I agree that both UEX and Cloud Imperium Games are not responsible for my advertisements or any transactions carried out between players. UEX serves as a platform for connecting buyers and sellers, but it does not guarantee the availability, quality, or outcome of any transactions.

5. UEX API Terms of Service:

5.1 Introduction:
By accessing or using the UEX API (Application Programming Interface), you agree to comply with and be bound by the following terms and conditions. Please read these terms carefully before using the API.

5.2 Work in Progress:
The UEX API is a work in progress and may undergo changes and updates as Star Citizen's development progresses. Users should be aware that new features may be added, existing features modified, or deprecated over time.

5.3 Server Uptime:
While we strive to maintain a server uptime of 98-99%, please note that server availability may be subject to limitations based on the support received through donations. UEX will make reasonable efforts to minimize downtime and disruptions.

5.4 Modification of Resources:
UEX reserves the right to modify, update, or remove API endpoints and resources at any time. This includes changes to content, availability, or any other aspect of the API. UEX will make reasonable efforts to notify users in advance of significant changes via email.

5.5 User Responsibilities:
Users are responsible for regularly reviewing the UEX API documentation to stay informed about any changes. It is the user's responsibility to ensure that their applications are compatible with the latest version of the API.

5.6 Data Accuracy:
While we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date data, UEX does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the information provided through the API. Users are encouraged to verify critical information independently.

5.7 Termination of Access:
UEX reserves the right to terminate or restrict access to the API for any reason, including but not limited to violation of these terms or misuse of the API.

5.8 Feedback and Contributions:
Users are encouraged to provide feedback and contribute to the improvement of the API. However, UEX retains full discretion over the implementation of any suggested changes.

5.9 Limitation of Liability:
UEX shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages arising out of the use or inability to use the API.

5.10 Contact Information:
For inquiries regarding the UEX API or these terms, please contact UEX support via email at [email protected] or through our website's contact form.

5.11 API Versioning:
The UEX API may be subject to version updates. Users are encouraged to stay informed about API version changes and adapt their applications accordingly.

6. UEX Datarunner Program Agreement

By joining, you agree to the following terms:

6.1 User Data Submission

6.1.1 Accuracy:
Please ensure all data submitted is accurate and reported from the location specified. Providing misleading or incorrect information can adversely affect the integrity of the UEX database and the trading experiences of fellow players.

6.1.2 Volunteer Contribution:
As a UEX Datarunner, you are a valued volunteer. While we cannot provide financial compensation, your contributions significantly enhance the Star Citizen trading community.

6.2 Report Processing

6.2.1 Verification:
Reports with uncommon or unusual data may be declined. Users can assist by providing screenshots or additional details for verification.

6.2.2 Declination:
UEX reserves the right to decline or remove inappropriate or misleading reports to protect database accuracy.

6.2.3 User Account Actions:
Repeatedly submitting improper reports may result in temporary account locks or bans.

6.2.4 Editing:
UEX may edit reports for clarity and accuracy to maintain data quality.

6.2.5 Processing Time:
We aim to process reports within 24 hours, but actual processing time may vary based on staff availability.

6.3 User Data Control

6.3.1 Data Download:
Users can download their data through Profile settings, respecting privacy and data ownership.

6.3.2 Contact Information:
For questions or concerns related to your data, please contact UEX support via email at [email protected] or through our website's contact form.

7. Agreement Changes:
These terms and conditions are subject to change at any time.

Updated: May 21, 2024

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