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Name Country Score Reports Admission
Snowmind Snowmind GB 2426 2667 2m
2 Zatecc [UEX] Zatecc BR 1339 13770 2y
3 Zamotic [UEX] Zamotic US 565 3708 1y
4 Pomi [UEX] Pomi CH 89 1872 2y
5 kifi kifi US 42 442 2m
6 CaptainLearjet CaptainLearjet 32 359 2m
7 mominoki mominoki JP 21 174 1w
8 Wipedout36 Wipedout36 GB 20 263 3w
9 Takashi49 Takashi49 CA 12 456 2m
10 Darkneon [UEX] Darkneon BE 6 2444 1y
11 wanlorn wanlorn CA 5 86 3w
12 Notqk Notqk GB 4 72 2w
13 Konarr [UEX] Konarr DE 4 2002 1y
14 Pastis Pastis FR 3 280 2m
15 CitizenTrucker CitizenTrucker US 2 100 2m

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