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Compboard (COMP)


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Location Price SCU
HDMS-Woodruff WOODR Hurston Ita 2,250
CRU-L5 CRUL5 Crusader Crusader 2,250
ARC-L3 ARCL3 ArcCorp ArcCorp 2,250
MIC-L4 MICL4 microTech microTech 2,250
CRU-L4 CRUL4 Crusader Crusader 2,250
MIC-L3 MICL3 microTech microTech 2,250
HDMS-Thedus THEDU Hurston Hurston 2,250
HUR-L1 HURL1 Hurston Hurston 2,250
MIC-L1 MICL1 microTech microTech 2,250
HUR-L4 HURL4 Hurston Hurston 2,250
ARC-L5 ARCL5 ArcCorp ArcCorp 2,250
MIC-L5 MICL5 microTech microTech 2,250
Shubin SM0-22 SM022 microTech microTech 2,250
Seraphim SERAP Crusader Orison 2,250
Terra Gateway TERRG 2,250
Magnus Gateway MAGNG 2,250
Platinum Bay Terra PBTEG 2,250
Everus Harbor EVERU Hurston Hurston 2,250
HUR-L5 HURL5 Hurston Hurston 2,250
HUR-L3 HURL3 Hurston Hurston 2,250
HUR-L2 HURL2 Hurston Hurston 2,250
HDMS-Oparei OPARE Hurston Hurston 2,250
HDMS-Pinewood PINEW Hurston Hurston 2,250
Port Tressler TRESS microTech microTech 2,250
Shubin SM0-18 SM018 microTech microTech 2,250
HDMS-Perlman PERLM Hurston Magda 2,250
HDMS-Hadley HADLE Hurston Hurston 2,250
HDMS-Hahn HHAHN Hurston Magda 2,250
HDMS-Stanhope STANH Hurston Hurston 2,250
Lorville L19 Admin LOL19 Hurston Lorville 2,250
Baijini Point BAIJI ArcCorp ArcCorp 2,250
HDMS-Lathan LATHA Hurston Arial 2,250
HDMS-Bezdek BEZDE Hurston Arial 2,250
Shubin SM0-13 SM013 microTech microTech 2,250
HDMS-Norgaard NORGA Hurston Aberdeen 2,250
HDMS-Anderson ANDER Hurston Aberdeen 2,250
ARC-L4 ARCL4 ArcCorp ArcCorp 2,250
Shubin SM0-10 SM010 microTech microTech 2,250
MIC-L2 MICL2 microTech microTech 2,250
ARC-L2 ARCL2 ArcCorp ArcCorp 2,250
Area 18 IO North IONOR ArcCorp Area 18 2,250
ARC-L1 ARCL1 ArcCorp ArcCorp 2,250
HDMS-Edmond EDMON Hurston Hurston 2,250
CRU-L1 CRUL1 Crusader Crusader 2,250
Grim HEX GRIHX Crusader Yela 2,250
Orison MS ORIMS Crusader Orison 2,250
New Babbage MTPS MTPLA microTech New Babbage 2,250
HDMS-Ryder RYDER Hurston Ita 2,250
Volume Traded Average (in SCU) ()
Last update: May 19, 2953

All prices are estimated. This tool is a reference and it still under development with the game. It may not reflect precisely the situation in game.

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