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11K UEC per scu

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What we do: We buy your cargo from you, in full, up front. If you need a top up we sell fuel. Food and water is provided free.

Why you want it: You don't have to land at port to sell or refuel. You don't have to leave your salvage operation. Instead of cramming 24scu of RCM and CMATs into your vulture, we can service you allowing you to gather much more.
Less Risk. You get paid up front for what you have, no risk of 30k or piracy on route to sell.

What we pay. We pay 80% of the value on CMATs and 75% of the value on RCM. As the purchaser, we are assuming all of the risk, and taking the inconvience of going to port off your shoulders. 100% value on 24 SCU of cargo may be 360k, but 75% on the 291 we can purchase from you is 3142k. Time is money scrappers and we save you time and space.

Steele Logistics listed SCU price may change to reflect our 80%/75% price averaging

Steele Logistics refueling service is subject to server lag, bugs, and general jank.

Steele Logistics reserves the right to refuse service to suspect pirates and will blacklist attempts at piracy or post purchase theft.
Customers may choose to not sell their entire cargo hold.

Steele Logistics very rarely may not have enough capital to purchase the entire cargo hold, particuarly of reclaimers. In this event, the seller may choose to sell what Steele Logistics can afford at that time, back out of the purchase entirely without issue (unless uec has already been transfered) OR they may give their cargo up for sale for payment after haul is complete. A more favorable price margin will be given to the customer for the added risk (90% of cargos sell value)

Steele logistics may service more than one customer at one time

Steele logistics operates primarily out of the Hurston region, jumps to further locations will only accepted if there is a work order of more than 30 SCU (for vulture pilots we will cater your ship for space)

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