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Item Buy at Inventory SCU Up To Sell at Inventory SCU Max. Income
DIST Terra Mills 5 566 24.0K ArcCorp 056 2 59 8.2K
DIST Bountiful 6 615 24.4K ArcCorp 056 2 59 7.9K
DIST Shady Glen 6 654 24.5K ArcCorp 056 2 59 7.8K
DIST Gallete 7 777 24.7K ArcCorp 056 2 59 7.6K
DIST Bud's 6 630 24.7K ArcCorp 056 2 59 7.5K
DIST Terra Gateway Admin 7 23K 27.6K ArcCorp 056 2 59 4.6K
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