Admin - Seraphim StationRust - Pickers Field

Maximum Profit Possible 65,083 UEC
(184 UEC - 136 UEC) * 1348.88 SCU)
Best Profit Margin 35 %
((184 UEC - 136 UEC) / 136 UEC) * 100
Expected Amount 1348.88 SCU
Limited by the amount you can sell

Buy at

Terminal Admin - Seraphim Station, Stanton
Faction United Empire of Earth
Stock Level Average 7
SCU In Stock 21926.3 SCU
Price Average 136 UEC / SCU
Loading Dock YES
Docking Port YES
Freight Elevator NO
Quantum Marker YES
Monitored Space YES
Refuel Services YES

Sell at

Terminal Rust - Pickers Field, Stanton
Faction Dusters
Stock Level Average 1
SCU In Demand (Forecasted) 1348.88 SCU
Price Average 184 UEC / SCU
Loading Dock NO
Docking Port NO
Freight Elevator NO
Quantum Marker YES
Monitored Space NO
Refuel Services NO

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All values are estimated. It may not reflect the situation in the game.

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