Training: Mining and Refining WTS SERVICE FEATURED



1K UEC per hour

10 remaining

Added by Konarr

Added 13 days ago

Expires in 6 months

You're new to mining and don't know what to do? Or you are already a miner but can't find the right mining laser which fits your likings?

No matter your reason, we'll get you to the point where you want to be! May it just some specific help or a full training covering everything, including:

- FPS mining
- Prospector mining
- Solo Mole mining
- Multi crew Mole mining*
- Master Modes for mining
- Ship equipment for mining ships
- Mining modules and gadgets
- Choosing a fitting mining laser
- Where to find which materials
- Choosing the best refinery
- Setting up refinery orders

- Basic undersuit and helmet**
- I can supply the ships if you don't have them
- Discord with functional microphone and headphones
- Ability to communicate in English or German

For new players its completely free! But if you're sitting on a fortune, I would appreciate a tip.

Just let me know what you want to do or where you want to develop your skills!

*Works best with 4 players, maybe bring 2 friends
** Maybe need Pembroke or Novikov armor, depending on where we go

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