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New Babbage, Monday, July 22, 2954

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Ponos Boots Red

Clothing » Footwear


Best Buy Price

410 UEC

Best Sell Price

415 UEC

Last Update


Game Version




R6 Pro

Parent of

Ponos Boots



Locations Trading In-Game

Location Orbit Faction Buy Sell Availability Updated
Tammany and Sons - Metro Center - Lorville Hurston UEE 120 2mo
Mining Center - Refinery - ARC-L2 ARC-L2 UEE 120 6mo
Clothing Shop - ARC-L5 ARC-L5 UEE 410 2mo
Clothing Shop - ARC-L2 ARC-L2 UEE 415 415 2mo
Casaba Outlet - HUR-L1 HUR-L1 UEE 415 2mo
Clothing Shop - ARC-L3 ARC-L3 UEE 415 2mo
Casaba Outlet - ARC-L4 ARC-L4 UEE 415 3d
Cargo Center Supplies - Baijini Point ArcCorp UEE 415 220 6d
Covalex Shipping - Providence Platform - Orison Crusader UEE 415 220 1mo
Mining Center - Refinery - CRU-L1 CRU-L1 UEE 415 2mo
Cargo Center Supplies - Pyro Gateway Pyro Jump UEE 415 1mo
Casaba Outlet - Area 18 ArcCorp UEE 510 15d
12 locations Average 424 219

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