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Gallete Family Farms (GAFAF)

Cellin, Crusader, Stanton

Commodities prices
Commodity Buy Sell
Name Price Prev Var Min Max Best SCU Price Prev Ave Min Max Best SCU
Distilled Spirits 4.19 4.40 5.0% 4.34 4.59 4.19 77
Processed Food 1.21 1.21 - 1.21 1.21 1.21
Revenant Tree Pollen 1.32 1.32 - 1.32 1.32 1.32 564
Agricultural Supplies 1.21 1.21 - 1.16 1.21 1.21 120
Medical Supplies 18.26 18.37 0.6% 17.71 18.37 19.37
Ranta Dung 44.00 44.00 - 44.00 44.00 44.00
Stims 3.80 3.80 - 3.65 3.80 3.86 28
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Community routes leaving Gallete Farms
Commodity Destination Location
#1 Distilled Spirits Trade & Development Division Area 18, ArcCorp
#2 Distilled Spirits HDMS-Perlman Magda, Hurston
#3 Revenant Tree Pollen Trade & Development Division Orison, Crusader
#4 Distilled Spirits CRU-L1 Ambitious Dream Station Crusader
#5 Distilled Spirits Baijini Point ArcCorp

All prices are estimated. This tool is a reference and it still under development with the game. It may not reflect precisely the situation in game.

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