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Getting Started

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API Version 2.0
Daily Quota 86400 requests (or 60 requests per minute)
Authentication Method Bearer Token
Methods Allowed GET, POST, DELETE
I/O Format application/json

Responses Examples

Successful { "status": "ok", "data": ... }
Internal Error { "status": "error", "http_code": 500, "message": ... }
Invalid Request { "status": "example_code", "data": ... }
Too Many Requests { "status": "requests_limit_reached", "data": ... }

Pricing Parameters

Averages Default Period 30 days
Variation Tolerance (Up/Down)
Commodities Items Ore Sales Vehicles Purchases Vehicles Rentals
60% 100% 60% 1% 50%
Pricing Standard
Commodities Items Ore Sales Vehicles Purchases Vehicles Rentals
Per SCU Per unit Per SCU Per unit Per unit

Other Resources

OpenAPI Specification OpenAPI Specification

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