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Retrieve a comprehensive list of Star Citizen items, including ship components, weapons, and more.

Method GET
URL https://uexcorp.space/api/2.0/items?id_category={int}
Cache TTL +1 day
Input id_category int(11) // required
Output id int(11) // route ID, may change during website updates
id_parent int(11)
id_category int(11) // category
id_vehicle int(11) // if item is linked to a vehicle
name string(255)
section string(255) // coming from categories
category string(255) // coming from categories
slug string(255) // used by UEX item URLs
url_store string(255) // pledge store URL
is_exclusive_pledge int(1)
is_exclusive_subscriber int(1)
is_exclusive_concierge int(1)
screenshot string(255) // item image URL
attributes json // item specifications (ids) are associated with categories_attributes
notification json // heads up about an item, such as known bugs, etc.
date_added int(11) // timestamp
date_modified int(11) // timestamp
Response status • requires_id_category
• ok
Update rate Patch cycle (usually)
Documentation update: 14 days ago

Optional Required

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