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List all advertisements favorited by an user

Method GET
URLs https://uexcorp.space/api/2.0/marketplace_favorites
Authorization Bearer Token
Cache TTL
Input secret_key string(40) // required, should be passed as headers
Output id int(11)
id_listing int(11)
date_added int(11) // timestamp, when it was favorited by the user
operation string(4)
type string(255)
slug string(255)
category string(255)
title string(255)
description string(255)
unit string(255)
price float
in_stock int(11)
advertiser_name string(255)
advertiser_username string(255)
advertiser_avatar string(255)
operation defaults buy
type defaults item
Response status • ok
Update rate Realtime
Documentation update: 14 days ago


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