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Retrieve a list of Star Citizen vehicles, including spaceships and ground vehicles.

Method GET
URLs https://uexcorp.space/api/2.0/vehicles?id_company={int}
Cache TTL +12 hours
Input id_company int(11) // vehicle manufacturer, optional
Output id int(11)
id_company int(11) // vehicle manufacturer
id_parent int(11) // parent ship series
ids_vehicles_loaners string(40) // vehicles loaned, comma separated
name string(255)
name_full string(255)
scu int(11)
crew string(10)
is_addon int(1) // e.g. RSI Galaxy Refinery Module
is_concept int(1)
is_civilian int(1)
is_military int(1)
is_exploration int(1)
is_passenger int(1)
is_industrial int(1)
is_mining int(1)
is_salvage int(1)
is_refinery int(1)
is_scanning int(1)
is_cargo int(1)
is_medical int(1)
is_racing int(1)
is_repair int(1)
is_refuel int(1)
is_interdiction int(1)
is_bomber int(1)
is_tractor_beam int(1)
is_qed int(1)
is_emp int(1)
is_construction int(1)
is_datarunner int(1)
is_science int(1)
is_boarding int(1)
is_stealth int(1)
is_research int(1)
is_carrier int(1)
is_ground_vehicle int(1)
is_spaceship int(1)
is_docking int(1) // contains docking port
is_loading_dock int(1) // cargo can be loaded/unloaded via docking
is_showdown_winner int(1)
url_store string(255)
url_brochure string(255)
url_hotsite string(255)
url_video string(255)
url_photos array(65535)
game_version string(255) // version it was announced or updated
date_added int(11) // timestamp
date_modified int(11) // timestamp
company_name string(255) // manufacturer name
Response status • ok
Update rate Patch cycle (usually)
Documentation update: 8 days ago


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