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Retrieve a list of points of interest

Methods GET
URL https://uexcorp.space/api/2.0/poi?id_star_system={int}
Cache TTL +1 day
Input id_star_system int(11) // optional
id_planet int(11) // optional
id_orbit int(11) // optional
id_moon int(11) // optional
id_space_station int(11) // optional
id_city int(11) // optional
id_outpost int(11) // optional
Output id int(11)
id_star_system int(11)
id_planet int(11)
id_orbit int(11)
id_moon int(11)
id_faction int(11)
name string(255)
nickname string(255)
is_available int(1)
is_visible int(1)
is_default int(1)
is_monitored int(1)
is_armistice int(1)
is_landable int(1)
is_decommissioned int(1)
has_quantum_marker int(1)
has_trade_terminal int(1)
has_habitation int(1)
has_refinery int(1)
has_cargo_center int(1)
has_clinic int(1)
has_food int(1)
has_shops int(1)
has_refuel int(1)
has_repair int(1)
has_gravity int(1)
has_loading_dock int(1)
has_docking_port int(1)
has_freight_elevator int(1)
date_added int(11) // timestamp
date_modified int(11) // timestamp
star_system_name string(255)
planet_name string(255)
orbit_name string(255)
moon_name string(255)
space_station_name string(255)
outpost_name string(255)
city_name string(255)
Response status • ok
Update rate Patch cycle (usually)
Documentation update: 14 days ago


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