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Obtain details from a specific user such as name, avatar, etc.

Method GET
URL https://uexcorp.space/api/2.0/user/
Authorization Bearer Token
Cache TTL
Input secret_key string(40) // required, should be passed via header
Output id int(11)
ids_factions string(255) // separated by comma
ids_star_systems string(255) // separated by comma
name string(255)
username string(255)
email string(255)
avatar string(255)
bio string(255)
website_url string(255)
timezone string(255)
language string(255)
discord_username string(255)
twitch_username string(255)
day_availability string(65565) // comma separated values, references down below
time_availability string(65565) // comma separated values, references down below
specializations string(65565) // comma separated values, references down below
languages string(65565) // comma separated values, references down below
archetypes string(65565) // comma separated values, references down below
date_added int(11)
date_modified int(11)
date_rsi_verified int(11)
date_twitch_verified int(11)
Response status • missing_secret_key
• invalid_secret_key
• user_not_found
• user_not_allowed // user banned or disabled by UEX
• ok
datarunner // Datarunner
escort // Escort
exploration // Explorer
engineer // Engineer
gunner // Gunner
hauling // Hauler
medical // Medic
mercenary // Mercenary
mining // Miner
other // Other
pilot // Private Pilot
piracy // Pirate
racer // Racer
refining // Refiner
refueling // Refueler
repairing // Repair
roleplay // Roleplay
salvaging // Salvager
scanning // Scanner
scientist // Scientist
towing // Towing
trading // Trader
transit // Transit
ar // Arabic
ca // Catalan
zh // Chinese
nl // Dutch
en // English
fr // French
de // German
it // Italian
jp // Japanese
pt // Portuguese
ru // Russian
es // Spanish
xx // Other
artist // Artist
engineer // Engineer
explorer // Explorer
lover // Lover
novice // Novice
outlaw // Outlaw
player_one // Player One
protector // Protector
strategist // Strategist
support // Support
trickster // Trickster
warlord // Warlord
Update rate Realtime
Documentation update: 14 days ago

Required as header input

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