Retrieve a list of average prices and stock data of a specific commodity in the last 180 days. (CAX Index)

Method GET
URL https://uexcorp.space/api/2.0/commodities_averages?id_commodity={int}
Input id_commodity int(11) // required
Output id int(11)
id_commodity int(11)

// purchase prices (per SCU)
price_buy float(11) // last reported
price_buy_min float(11)
price_buy_min_week float(11)
price_buy_min_month float(11)
price_buy_max float(11)
price_buy_max_week float(11)
price_buy_max_month float(11)
price_buy_avg float(11)
price_buy_avg_week float(11)
price_buy_avg_month float(11)

// sell prices (per SCU)
price_sell float(11) // last reported
price_sell_min float(11)
price_sell_min_week float(11)
price_sell_min_month float(11)
price_sell_max float(11)
price_sell_max_week float(11)
price_sell_max_month float(11)
price_sell_avg float(11)
price_sell_avg_week float(11)
price_sell_avg_month float(11)

// scu purchase availability
scu_buy int(11) // last reported
scu_buy_min int(11)
scu_buy_min_week int(11)
scu_buy_min_month int(11)
scu_buy_max int(11)
scu_buy_max_week int(11)
scu_buy_max_month int(11)
scu_buy_avg int(11)
scu_buy_avg_week int(11)
scu_buy_avg_month int(11)
scu_buy_total int(11) // cumulative stock available
scu_buy_total_week int(11)
scu_buy_total_month int(11)

// reported stock situation (sell)
scu_sell_stock int(11) // last reported
scu_sell_stock_week int(11)
scu_sell_stock_month int(11)

// scu sell demand
scu_sell int(11) // last calculated demand, based on stock level (scu_sell_stock)
scu_sell_min int(11)
scu_sell_min_week int(11)
scu_sell_min_month int(11)
scu_sell_max int(11)
scu_sell_max_week int(11)
scu_sell_max_month int(11)
scu_sell_avg int(11)
scu_sell_avg_week int(11)
scu_sell_avg_month int(11)
scu_sell_total int(11) // cumulative amount demanded
scu_sell_total_week int(11)
scu_sell_total_month int(11)

// inventory status for purchase
status_buy int(11) // average for purchase
status_buy_min int(11)
status_buy_min_week int(11)
status_buy_min_month int(11)
status_buy_max int(11)
status_buy_max_week int(11)
status_buy_max_month int(11)
status_buy_avg int(11)
status_buy_avg_week int(11)
status_buy_avg_month int(11)

// inventory status for sell
status_sell int(11) // average for sell
status_sell_min int(11)
status_sell_min_week int(11)
status_sell_min_month int(11)
status_sell_max int(11)
status_sell_max_week int(11)
status_sell_max_month int(11)
status_sell_avg int(11)
status_sell_avg_week int(11)
status_sell_avg_month int(11)

// price coefficient of variation. higher is worse
volatility_buy int(11)
volatility_sell int(11)

// other
cax_score int(11) // commodity score, higher is better
game_version string(255)
date_added int(11) // timestamp, first time added
date_modified int(11) // timestamp, last price update
commodity_name string(255)
commodity_code string(255)
commodity_slug string(255)
Response status • requires_id_commodity_or_id_terminal
• ok
Update rate Hourly
Documentation update: 14 days ago


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