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Extract updated plain text data from UEX

This command does not require API authentication.

Methods GET
URL https://uexcorp.space/api/2.0/data_extract?data={string}
Cache TTL +1 hour
Input data
Types commodities_routes // obtain the top 30 commodities routes according to UEX
commodities_prices // obtain the last commodities average prices
last_commodity_data_reports // obtain the last 30 commodities reports sent by Datarunners
Output example UEX • Best Commodities Routes • Updated Nov 6, 2953 • Gold: Shubin SCD-1 ▶ TDD New Babbage = 4,5M UEC (avg) • Gold: Shubin SM0-18 ▶ TDD New Babbage = 4,3M UEC (avg) • Medical Supplies: Hickes ▶ ArcCorp 061 = 7,5M UEC (avg) • Medical Supplies: Hickes ▶ Shubin SAL-2 = 6,9M UEC (avg) • Medical Supplies: Hickes ▶ Shady Glen = 5,7M UEC (avg) • Medical Supplies: Anvik ▶ ArcCorp 061 = 7,5M UEC (avg) • Medical Supplies: Anvik ▶ Shubin SAL-2 = 6,9M UEC (avg)...
Update rate Daily basis
Documentation update: 1 month ago


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